Published Work


What Words Tear Out (Lethe Press, forthcoming 2018) 

Forever, in Pieces (Villipede Publications, December 2013) Buy it here.


Burning Witches, Burning Angels (Dunhams Manor Press, August 2016) Buy it here.


Pwdre Ser (Dim Shores Publishing, forthcoming 2017)

Short stories

"The Convexity of Our Youth" in Looming Low (Dim Shores Publishing, forthcoming 2017)

"Marrowvale" reprinted in Best New Horror #27 (PS Publishing, forthcoming 2017)

"The Man in the High Chair" in Resist and Refuse #1 (forthcoming 2017)

"The Gods in Their Seats, Unblinking" in Vastarien 1 (forthcoming 2017)

"The White Factory" in Turn to Ash Vol. 2 - Open Lines (January 2017)

"Etch the Unthinkable" in Gamut Issue 1 (January 2017)

"Special Collections" in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Nov./Dec. 2016

"A Silence of Starlings" in Nightscript 2 (Cthonic Matter Press, October 2016) Buy it here or here.

"All That is Thrown Away" in Strange Aeons #20 (October 2016) Buy it here.

"The Cone of Heaven" in the Lovecraft eZine #37 (Summer 2016) Read it here.

"Etymology of the Adjective 'Divine'" in Xnoybis #2 (Dunham's Manor Press, December 2015) Buy it here.

"Marrowvale" in The Spectral Book of Horror Stories, Volume 2 (Spectral Press, October 2015) Buy it here.

"The Kindness of Surrender" in Midian Unmade (Tor, July 2015) Buy it here.

"From the Ground, the Souls Burnt Clean" in Visiak's Mirror (May 2015) Read it here.

"An Interview with Samuel X. Slayden" in Enter at Your Own Risk: Dreamscapes into Darkness (Firbolg Publishing, April 2015) Buy it here.

"The Waves from Afar" in Weird Tales #362 (Summer 2014)

"Every Weeknight at Seven and Seven-thirty" in Desolation: 21 Tales for Tails (Dragon's Roost Press, April 2014) Buy it here.

"Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot" Reprint. Morpheus Tales: The Best Weird Fiction, Vol. 4 (2014) Buy it here.

"Ensoulment" in Into the Darkness (Necro Publications, November 2012) Buy it here.

"The Bottom Line" in Fortune: Lost and Found (Omnium Gatherum Books, September 2012)
Buy it here.

"Proposal" in 100 Horrors (Cruentus Libri, February 2012) Buy it here.

"Brief Repose Moments Before a Gruesome and Certain Death" in Daily Frights 2012 (Pill Hill Press, December 2011) Buy it here.

"Lessons" in Daily Frights 2012 (Pill Hill Press, December 2011) Buy it here.

"Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot" in Morpheus Tales #12 (March 2011) Buy it here and preview it here.

"In Full Bloom" in Seasons in the Abyss (Blood Bound Books, February 2011) Buy it here or here.

"For the Unhaunted" on as a finalist for a Three-Minute Fiction contest (October 2010)
Read it here

"Bolt" in Zombie Nation: St. Petersburg (Zombie Nation Publishing, October 2010)

"Complete Me" in Dark Things: A Horror Anthology (Pill Hill Press, September 2010)

"Birth Day" in Encounters #2 (Black Matrix Pub., April 2010)

Critical work

"Why Weird, Why Now?: On the Rationale for Weird Fiction's Resurgence" (Thinking Horror Issue 1, October 2015) Buy it here.

"The 'Whirling Darkness' of Now: Unconventional Apocalypse in Leslie Marmon Silko’s Ceremony" (LiNQ Special Issue: Apocalypses, 2015)

"The Utopia of Sameness: Erasure of Hierarchy in the Work of Toni Morrison" (Diesis 2.2, 2012)

"Massacres of Meaning: The Semiotic Value of Silence and Scream in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Halloween" (Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies 10, October 2011)  read it here

"We All Go a Little Nerdy Sometimes: On the History and Popularity of Comi-Cons" in Cult Pop Culture Vol. 3  (Praeger 2011)

"Psychic Fiends and Little Girls: Nabokov's Lolita as Vampire Tale" (Notes & Queries, Oxford U.P. March 2011)  read it here

"Present-ly Safe: The Anthropocentricism of Time in H.P. Lovecraft's Fiction" (Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts 20.2, 2009)

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